10 Fascinating Search Engine Optimization Stats

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Search Engine Optimization continues to prove year after year that it is the leading source of traffic and conversions for many successful businesses, both large and small.

Here’s the proof:

1) Search is the top traffic driver to content-oriented websites, producing on average nearly four times the traffic of social media (41% from search, 11% from social).  (War of Words: Myth-Busting Social Media, SEO & Content Marketing)

2) Another study found an even more dramatic advantage for search, with organic search supplying 40% of all traffic (and Google alone accounting for 36% of visits) (Forbes)

3) 71% of marketers say that content marketing has helped improve their site’s ranking in organic search, and 77% say it has increased website traffic. (iMedia Connection)

4) 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, focusing on the organic results. (Search Engine Land)

5) SEO leads have a 15% close rate, on par with the close rate for direct traffic, and ahead of referrals (9%), paid search (7%), social media (4%), and outbound leads (2%) (Marketing Charts)

6) 70% of the links search users click on are organic, not paid. (Marketing Sherpa, February 2007)

7) 60% of all organic clicks go to the top three organic search results. (MarketingSherpa, February 2007)

8) 18% of all clicks on the organic search results come from the number 1 position. (SlingShot SEO.)

9) SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while those archaic print or direct mail ads only close at a 1.7% rate. (Search Engine Journal – April 2012)

10) 92% of SEO practitioners say content creation is an effective SEO tactic, and 76% regularly invest in content creation. (B2B Infographics)

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